The Redwoods Gathering
on Person Centered Practices

October 26-28, 2020

Going Beyond Training: Adapting and Creating a Whole New World

Redwoods Gathering Learning Marketplace Submission Form

Learning Marketplace Sessions are something that makes TLCPCP Gatherings unique. It’s our way to bring people together & share their thoughts, ideas, learning, & visions related to a specific question or topic. It’s where we hear the latest & greatest ideas ~ some of which are still early in their forming. It’s where people with like interests meet & continue to connect & work together because they’re ‘birds of a feather’ who are passionate & committed around the same things.

Are you interested in convening a LMP session? Submit your idea below. Hurry, we hope to fill all available slots by 10/20/2020!

What is the Redwoods Gathering LMP?

Steven Jackson, New Dawn Support Services

Learning Marketplace Submission Form

Redwoods Learning Marketplace Submission

Preferred Session

Session Host

Session Information

Describe the focus and aims of your session. Include things like "this will be a session to brainstorm ideas; group think time on a specific issue; to hear about what you’ve been doing", etc. If you have a specific target audience (i.e. for people who have been doing planning within schools), include that here.
Recordings will be made available for viewing by Gathering participants who are not able to attend this session live.

Zoom Meeting Experience

The Redwoods Gathering will provide a Zoom meeting account for this session. Your Learning Marketplace session may have anywhere from 5 to 50 or more people in attendance. We ask sessions hosts to think about how they will make the best use of the online meeting platform for this session.

Please give us as much information as you can to help us plan ahead for your session.

Zoom Meeting Features

All Learning Marketplace sessions will have the following capabilities available:

  • Screensharing by any presenter or attendee - Useful for sharing a document, PowerPoint, or any other window on your desktop (note that sharing videos is not recommended)
  • Webcams
  • Whiteboard can be used by a presenter or opened to participants
  • Attendee chat & Meeting reactions - Attendees may message the whole group or other participants privately

Optional Meeting Features

Which of these optional features do you anticipate needing? If you think you might use a feature, please select it.

Please be aware that video quality is not always reliable when streaming a video to attendees in a Zoom meeting. If it is not essential to your presentation content, we recommend uploading your video to a service like YouTube and making the link available to your session attendees to watch on their own.
Learn more about how Participant Polls work.
Learn more about how Zoom Breakout Rooms work.
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Contact Us

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The Gathering support team at The Arc Oregon works Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.

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