Group Payment Arrangements Form

Group Payment Arrangements

You will need the email address for each attendee in your group. After you setup arrangements, we’ll send an email to each attendee inviting them to register. In case they miss that email, you might want to also share the group payment code with your group and make sure they each know to register themselves using that code.

Group Payment Arrangements
Please create a unique 5-12 character name for your group. Letters or number only, no spaces or punctuation.
Your group's attendees will use this code combined with their email address to register themselves under this group payment arrangement.


Please provide the EMAIL address of each attendee. You may also opt to pay the TLCPCP Website annual renewal fees for certified PCT Trainers or PCT Mentor Trainers. We will email each attendee with a link for them to complete their registrations.
Only one address per line. Check spelling carefully.

Please add a new line for each attendee by clicking the + button above. We will need an email address for each attendee.

Group Fees

We offer a 5% discount for 10+ attendees and a 10% discount for 25+ attendees paid under a group payment arrangement.
Proceeds support self-advocates and family members to attend the Portland Gathering.

Billing Contact Information

Please check email address carefully.

Organization Information

Please tell us about the organization that is paying for these attendees.
If you don't see your organization, choose "__OTHER organization" at the top of the list, then provide your organization's name.
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Billing Address

Payment Arrangements

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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The Gathering support team at The Arc Oregon works Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.

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If you want to pay for more than one registration or if a group will need to be invoiced together, please have one person setup a Group Payment Arrangement first.